Diabetics and Pulmonary Hypertension (HP): Care in extreme heat
In Arizona 90-120 degree summer temperatures is not uncommon, those with diabetes  and HP need to take extra precaution when caring for themselves and their diabetic supplies. Make sure your AC is ready for summer by the technicians of ACRepair24-7.comor if your air conditioning breaks down, we know the urgency of your situation and will be there ASAP! 

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Lucia Patritto, Michigan State University Extension

People with diabetes or HP need to take extra care in hot weather. Temperatures in excess of 90 -120 degrees Fahrenheit /27 degrees Celsius or above, especially with high humidity in July - August Monsoon season, can and will affect medication, testing supplies and general health.

It is harder for the body of a person with diabetes or pulmonary hyper tension (PH) to handle high heat and humidity than it is for someone not living with the chronic illness. The heat index, which measures how hot it feels by combining temperature and high humidity readings, advises caution starting at 80F with 40 percent humidity.

In addition to those with diabetes, there are personal factors such as age, obesity, the presence of a fever, dehydration, heart disease, mental illness, poor circulation, sunburn, prescription drug and alcohol use, that can play a role in whether a person can cool off enough to maintain good health.Type your paragraph here.

Air conditioning is the number one protective factor against heat-related illness and it controls humidity. If a home is not air conditioned, consider spending time in public buildings in the community, such as public libraries or shopping areas, that are air conditioned. Even a few hours spent in air conditioning can help the body stay cooler when returning to the heat. In times of prolonged high temperatures, some communities open cooling/heat relief facilities. Local health departments can generally advise whether or not these facilities exist in your area.

To learn more about staying healthy in hot weather, visit the CDC’s website.

For more information on education available to people living with diabetes, PH or other chronic conditions, and other issues of interest to Maricopa families, contact your Medical Physician in your area.

ACRepair24-7.com,  I not only support Diabetes awareness, I have type 2!

As a Diabetic I know the importance of awareness and health is. Being to Hot or to Cold affects parts of your body in a negative way. Especially when you lose the sense of feeling in your toes & feet keeping warm when temperatures in winter can reach -10-35 degrees at night. Its important to maintain your heating & cooling system. Young children and elderly are extremely highly susceptible to heat stroke and / or heat exhaustion in summer temperature when 110-120 degrees are expected combined with humidity from the Monsoon season the heat index adds 10+ degrees, making it difficult to breathe and cool off at times. We're not here to BS you telling you how great, how better, but I will tell you We do care and understand your medical conditions needs. We will not take advantage of your situation.

Companies that profit on others misery, that's just wrong!

Take care of yourself my friends.


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