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In the event your Hoshizaki or Ice O Matic product is ever in need of service or repairs, ACRepair24-7 Maricopa provides customers with the following to call us for a local Hoshizaki or Ice O Matic Certified Service Representative.

Ice Machine Specials
Check out our current specials on ice machines Maricopa and Casa Grande!
New Customer Special - October 1 thru March 31

Ice machines should be cleaned and sanitized every 6 months for efficient operations. The #1 Killer of Ice machines is the lack of proper maintenance, neglect and hard water in Arizona. If you aren't on a regimented Service and when you get a LARGE REPAIR bill from years of neglect don't blame anyone but yourself. (you wouldn't operate you vehicle without scheduled oil changes, Why neglect your Ice Machine not only will it shorten the life of your machine, but Its a health code violation) 

Our Special will include cleaning of air cooled condenser, running the manufacturer's recommended cleaner through the evaporator water circuit to remove lime scale or other mineral deposits, and sanitizing to remove algae and slime. We will check out the general operation of the ice machine and inform customer of any potential problems.

Charge = $189.95 Plus Tax & parts 1st cleaning service $139.95 every 6months, that's a $50 savings per visit with a  6yr. agreement
Cleaner and Sanitizer No Charge. Repairs will be quoted

Ice Machine Services
ACRepair24-7 Maricopa Ice Machine offers ice machine rental, repair, and sales for leading brands. Ice Machine commercial lease Program: We offer ice machine lease programs in the Maricopa, Casa Grande area. Lease start as low as $75/month. Short or long term leases available.
Ice Machine Repair and Service: Our service department is factory trained and authorized to install and service all types of ice machines. We perform warranty work and file claims with the manufacturer.
Ice Machine Sales: We offer competitive pricing on all major brands of ice making and refrigeration equipment.
Used Ice Machine Equipment: Reconditioned equipment at the fraction of the cost of the new equipment. Call or Email for Pricing on Ice O Matic and Hoshizaki units.

Ice Machine Repair Warranty

 If you are looking for a reliable commercial refrigeration 2yr. parts & labor repair warranty in Maricopa, you came to the right place. We provide customers with local, affordable, fast and reliable commercial refrigeration repair in  Maricopa and Casa Grande suburbs. We repair all major refrigerators and we guarantee our work 100% back with a 2yr parts & labor warranty. You won't find Better!