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We only use MOEN original replacement parts . Don't settle for less

AO Smith = 10 year warranty Hot water heater
Price includes:Basic removal of old water heater & haul away, EPA $50 disposal fee, installation of new water heater (+ drain pan if required +  parts to updated code if required ) 10 yr. tank manufacture warranty, 2yr. installation warranty.
40 gallon electric AO Smith $749water heater, & Installation + tax
50 gallon electric AO Smith $799 water heater, & Installation + tax
40 gallon gas AO Smith $849 water heater, & Installation + tax
50 gallon gas AO Smith $899 water heater, & Installation + tax

75 gallon gas AO Smith $1499 water heater, & Installation + tax

Bradford White= 7 year warranty Hot Water Heater

40 gallon electric Bradford White $679 water heater, Installation + tax
50 gallon electric Bradford White $739
water heater, Installation + tax
40 gallon gas Bradford White $785
water heater, Installation + tax
50 gallon gas Bradford White $840
water heater, Installation + tax

  • New Hot & Cold supply line and ball shut off valve if needed $79-$119+ tax.
  • Water heater expansion safety tank $159-$199 tank & installation + tax
  • Price does not include materials / parts / labor cost to bring unit up to current local code.
  • 12 & 15 yr. tank warranty available call for quote ( additional price, covers all parts )
  • 6yr. 12yr.& 15yr labor warranty available 6yr.= $149 / 9yr= $199 / 12yr. =$249 / 15yr.= $299 
  • (covers all parts & labor).

Garbage disposals: Prices includes garbage disposal, labor & $25 EPA disposal fee.
1/3 horsepower standard $169+ tax / 1yr. warranty
1/3 horsepower HD badger $199+ tax / 2yr. warranty
1/2 horsepower standard $259+ tax / 1yr. warranty
1/2 horsepower HD badger $298+ tax / 2yr. warranty

3/4 horsepower standard $386+ tax / 1yr. warranty

3/4 horsepower HD badger $439+ tax / 2yr. warranty
Install (labor only) disposal $99-299
Service of your disposal $69

Dishwasher install $99-$149
Copper pipe repair $125- up
Faucet install $79-$149
Kitchen faucet install $99-$159
Main line valve replacement $129- up
Shower valve repair $79-$99 / single mixing valve replacement  cartridge $119- $249. complete  valve replacement (in wall)  $299-$499 depending on wall repair
Faucet repairs $79- up

You supply the fixtures & we'll install (PRICES are labor only there is no parts warranty for parts supplied by home owner, + $25 EPA disposal fee)

Local First Arizona

Some cities require a water heater expansion safety tank. Replacement $159-$199. Complete added Installation  $399-$599

$25-$50 off  Water heaters with  Installation  on selected  models valid until end of month.

Hot Water Heater repair service 
Tank water heaters provide a large volume of dependable, low-cost hot water. Fuel sources can be propane, natural gas water heater or electricity. They are the most common way to heat water in the U.S.

Residential tank water heaters typically store between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water throughout the day, usually at the factory setting of 120°F. The temperature can be adjusted up or down by a control on the unit. Tank water heater Maricopa, Casa Grande residential areas are typically located in the garage, utility room or attic.

Upgrading a standard 5′ x 9′ bathroom to a master suite or an in-home spa may require upgrading to a larger gallon capacity unit, especially if the new bathroom will include a deep soaking tub with a multi-head shower system. Replacing a tank water heater with another tank water heater is fast and keeps labor costs to a minimum.

Importantly, 75% of all water heaters have failed at 10 years of age.  Especially if your water heater is located in your attic, this is a risk that you need to manage by having ACRepair24-7 out to inspect it.

ACRepair24-7 has elected to offer AO Smith water heater products exclusively because they are the industry leader in quality.  From raw material delivery to finished product assembly, each phase of the manufacturing process is overseen to ensure the highest quality possible. Rheem products are also tested and certified by government and private testing labs to ensure quality standards are met.

Finally, ACRepair 24-7 will match Rheem’s product warranty on any water heater with our own service warranty.  So, if we install a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty water heater in your home, we will match it with a 2yr labor warranty.

If your water heater is more than 7 years old, it may need to be replaced.  Call ACRepair24-7 Plumbing, the company you can trust.

HOT WATER HEATER REPLACEMENT:from $175-375 (labor only) + parts, water

heater, & $50 EPA disposal fee. Location & local code compliance restrictions apply.