Monsoon season in Maricopa - Casa Grande and what it brings into your home

Before the rain, the wind shift can trigger dust storms known as haboobs, which ... The monsoon season begins on June 15 and ends on September 30.
Arizona State University
How can Arizona, a desert, have a monsoon like India? ... In fact, the name "monsoon" is derived from the Arabic word "mausim" which means "season" or ... atmospheric phenomena in the Southwest United States such as dust walls. The Arizona Monsoon is a well-defined meteorological event (technically called a meteorological 'singularity') that occurs during the summer throughout the southwest portion of North America. During the winter time, the primary wind flow in Arizona is from the west or northwest—from California and Nevada. As we move into the summer, the winds shift to a southerly or southeasterly direction. Moisture streams northward from the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This shift produces a radical change in moisture conditions statewide. I've had the misfortune to be caught up on a 3 story condo complex when the dust storm hit in 2004. I was covered from head to toe in dust and difficult to breathe visability was no more than 3-5 feet, I had to feet my way off the roof. once on the ground I had to wash my eye and nostrils out.

In a typical home, quite a few contaminants and air pollutants are circulated through the air, including chemicals, dust, and dander. In fact, these pollutants are circulated up to seven times a day, on average. As time passes, the continual re-circulation of contaminants causes build-up in the ducts. Each time your air ducts are cleaned, five to 15 pounds of debris and dirt are going to be removed. You wouldn't eat dirt or dust! Then why would you want to breathe it into your lungs?

According to the EPA, the average adult inhales as much as two tablespoons of household dust every single day. This alone is enough to encourage most home and business owners to invest in regular duct cleaning services. Our team of professional, certified technicians understands how to clean ducts, seal holes, and install equipment to help ensure better indoor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning Services for Your Home
Our team offers comprehensive duct cleaning services, including:

  • Air duct sealing
  • Cleaning and replacement of air ducts
  • Cleaning of dryer vents
  • Clean, disinfect and Sanitize your indoor coils
  • Clean, disinfect and Sanitize your indoor motor and assembly
  • Clean, disinfect and Sanitize your furnace, motor and assembly

If you need duct cleaning services, or want an inspection for peace of mind, contact ACRepair24-7 Duct Cleaning at (520) 431-3647 for more information.

General rule of thumb estimate is $45 x each supply register, $60 x each air filter return up to 20x30, 20x40 or larger is $75.

Sanitizing is an added cost.  Evaporator cleaning is an added cost.  removing old insulation is an added cost (requires duct removal. Duct repair is an added cost.  Exterior duct insulation is an added cost. Have an experienced system analyst come by and quote you an exact cost.

There is a general rule of thumb related to air ducts: if they look dirty, they probably are. That dirty HVAC system needs to be inspected by a reputable HVAC professional from ACRepair24-7 to restore indoor air quality and help you and your family breathe easily once again.   

Suffering from allergies or respiratory problems? Duct cleaning and or UV system purification is the answer for you, from mold, mildew, pollen. We have your answer    

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning in Maricopa - Casa Grande


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