Maricopa's Best Value for Air Conditioning & Water heaters!


ACRepair24-7 is not only Maricopa's and Casa Grande's best warranty, but Arizona's. We stand behind out work our technicians, and our warranty for 2 years against workmanship, manufacture defects,  We will replace or repair and make right for a period of2 full years for the repair and parts we fixed. 

In fact we offer 5yr., 10yr., & lifetime repair warranty on your air conditioning or heat system that cover parts and labor with a service agreement.

If you overpaid for a repair by the BIG brand X company and all you got was a 1 year warranty that's wrong, if fact its JUST INSANE!ACRepair24-7 is 33% even 65% sometime 100% less than the over rated over inflated big companies with a crappy warranty.

ACRepair24-7 has a standard 2 year parts and labor  warranty on all repairs at a fraction of the cost without cutting corners! You won't find better!  We are the better value and strive to be the best HVAC repair company for you. We want you to feel you can sleep well at night the air conditioner if fixed right and affordably priced with out have the feeling of buyer's remorse. compare and you'll see we are the better choice!

ACRepair24-7 have been in business since 2002, customer know with confidence they will get the best repair, the best warranty, the best price. We only use OEM or better parts for your HVAC unit.  

HOME Warranty Companyies

Good luck with that! The home warranty industry as a whole doesn't have a very stellar reputation. Most of the sour reviews stem from misconceptions. Consumer reports, A recent complaint against Choice Home Warranty illustrates why Consumer Reports doesn't recommend buying home warranties or any other Home warranty.  The so called contractors the hire are a joke, unprofessional, and most likely have a criminal background.


Is the worst place to find reliable repair companies, much less a good repair warranty more like 90 feet 90 second warranty.

Most of the ads or so called repair guys 50%-55% are more like washed up, ex-convicts, have been arrested on drug, theft,  felony. 30% have no formal schooling in the trade and not legal citizens. Ask yourself this question "Do you feel lucky". 

Referral Sites

Don't believe everything you see or read from the internet, they are paid by the advertiser to say your getting the best! Reviews well we all know 90% of the reviews are staged or fake, written by employees or friends or family.  The internet is all about the ratings, smooth talking marketing, sales people that just want to massage your wallet and build false hope and a false sense of security.  

ACRepair24-7you won't get any misleading statements, NO criminal background, we believe in Karma. We believe in the motto "an honest days work, for an honest days wage"!

ACRepair 24-7 BEST WARRANTY for the Value