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Air Conditioner systems are designed to save you money and keep you cool from the 110-120 degree Arizona heat. Can you imagine a Maricopa, Casa Grande summer without a reliable air conditioner?  Young children or sick elderly are very susceptible to extreme heat! As a leading Maricopa air conditioning company, we offer top quality air conditioners from leading manufacturers.

Air Conditioners work by compressing a gas called refrigerant, which condenses the gas down to a chilled liquid. The refrigerant is then pumped inside to the indoor coil, and warm air from the home is forced through the chilled coil by the fan motor in the furnace (or air handler). The refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the air, and the process repeats.

A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is used to rate the efficiency of air conditioners. A 14-20 SEER unit is more efficient than a 10 SEER unit. installed over 10 years ago by the builders Cooling efficiency is affected by a lot more than just the air conditioner however. Indoor equipment, insulation, ducting and other factors affect air conditioning efficiency. [Maricopa and Casa Grande Air Conditioners]
We offer air conditioners from leading makes and manufacturers. 


Thermostats Control your indoor comfort and manage energy while the home is not occupied and lowers the temperature before you get home.
Modern comfort has come a long way in the past two decades, and thermostats show this the most to homeowners with their advanced displays, functionality and ease of use. Saving you up to 10% on energy cost and consumption.

Now, digital Wi-Fi thermostats like the Nest® Learning Thermostat or the Honeywell Lyric® take home comfort to an entire new level by offering auto-adjusting, smart technology. With these thermostats you can control the temperature in your home from a smart phone, and save comfort profiles for fast adjustments.

As a leading Maricopa and Casa Grande air conditioning and heating company, we carry 3 types of  thermostats to meet any comfort need. NON- programmable, 5-7 days programmable, and Wi-Fi. You can call us for information. Thanks for considering us for your Maricopa and Casa Grande air conditioning needs!

[Air Conditioner dust covers]

Central air conditioner cover

I had seen this on some homeowner’s condenser units and I’m going to discuss the advantage and disadvantage to having a central ac cover.
By the way, the air conditioning covers are not meant for Heat Pump. Heat Pump needs the condenser unit for winter season.

Should I cover my central ac unit? Maricopa Monsoon season means dust storms!
 Winter should be the only time to cover how ever the cover protects the unit from dust, sand, grass leaves especially during the dust storms.
This is what it we’re trying to protect with a cover
This is quite hard to answers; the condensers are designed to withstand all kind of weather. Except to our dog’s urine, we will discuss that late on.
Condenser unit is a component that is high pressure and temperature in a regular central air conditioner unit. It means no common weather could hurt it. Perhaps a 5 pound hail may bend the guard and damage the fins. (By the way, I hadn’t see 5 pound hail yet!)
Some air conditioning brands does not recommend covering our central air conditioning units. However, Trane sells ac cover for the outdoor units.

The only part that needs protection is the aluminum coil. That is one of the reasons central air conditioner cover is useful for. It prevents dust, seeds, grass, foliage and other foreign material from clogged the aluminum fins. It is a protection for the aluminum coil from small particle. That is it.

Advantage to air conditioning cover $79-$199 2 and 3 year warranty

It's good ideas to have a central air conditioning cover. Here's why, central air conditioner units operated on the ideas of heat transfer.

  • Condenser coil is a heat exchanger that transfers heat to the surrounding air. If the condenser coil is dirty, it acts as an insulator.
  • It reduces the efficiency of the central air conditioning unit by having dirty condenser coil or the evaporator coils.

  • The condenser unit does not need the cover; it’s the coils that need protection.
  • Having air conditioning cover reduces the amount of dirt or debris from clogging the aluminum fins. This is return save you money. This does not mean our condenser unit does not need check up by technician.

Central air conditioner cover is like two-edged sword. If we use the wrong material to cover the condenser unit, it will hurt the condenser in long term. If we have the correct material for the cover it’ll help.

Will air conditioner cover stop copper thieves?   Faux Shrub CoverCall for Pricing $179-$299
Nothing is 100% theft proof, but this new camoflauge product just came out that will hide your AC from view and thieves will improve your odds. 
Empty rental house or for sale house is primary target for thieves. They will steal the entire condenser unit or just the copper.

Male dog and condenser unit

A lot of homeowner does not realize that a dog’s urine wills destroy the aluminum fines. I’m not sure if an air conditioning covers will be useful against dog’s urine. We need to find that out from cover’s manufacture.

Dog’s urine reacts with the aluminum fin and we will see a crumble and corrosive surrounding the urine’s area. If we were to run central ac unit with collapse fins, it’ll consume a lot of energy.

The corroded aluminum condenser coil can be replaced, but it's more practical to replace the entire condenser unit. This could cost a couple of  thousand of dollars in part and labor and you'll still have the problem with your dog.

The best solution is to have chain link fence surround the condenser unit. The chain link fence height should be few inches higher than the dog height. It’s best to have a moveable fence, instead the permanent one.

If you have a dog and you don’t protect your condenser unit. This is what it will look like, if a dog were to piss on it over a short time.

If we decided to have cover for our condenser unit, make sure to buy the air conditioning covers with vent in it. It also good ideas to check the air conditioning covers monthly to make sure there is no insect or animal living in it.

Having air conditioner cover does not mean our condenser unit does not require maintenance. It meant we could reduce the cost of maintenance.

[Heat Pumps]
Are an alternative energy efficient method to keep you cool & also warm on desert nights , when Natural or LPG is not available in the area.

[Evaporator Coils] / Swamp Coolers
Converts the refrigerant to heat or cool your home

[Evaporative Coolers]
Evaporative Cooler
Also known as a swamp cooler is an alternative to cool your home from April-June, but are highly unpractical during the monsoon season July-August with high humidity.  Evaporative coolers can save you up to 30% off your utility bill,  If properly installed it can save 30% or your AC utility bill and the life your  air conditioner. Optimum Cooling use is 80-105 degrees with low humidity between 0 - 29%.  

[Gas Furnaces]
Gas Furnaces
Not only do they heat, but an A/C depends on them.

Ductless systems keep any living space cool where ductwork is not feasible. 

Proper humidity of 15% -35% means greater comfort.

[Air Handlers]
Air Handlers
They're used by a heat pump for conditioned air.
air handlers is the air delivery system for the interior of your home

[Packaged AC Units]
Packaged AC Units
Comfort in a single outdoor usually roof mounted which offers a convenient and serviceable unit and simple to install.

[UV Lamps]
Ultraviolet air treatment kills mold and bacteria.

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Protect your investment and hide or camouflages your AC unit from guests and unwanted guests.  Order these covers that hide the condenser with this hyper-realistic cover that "suggests the dark green foliage of a mature, made from all-natural PVC. It is tested by an engineer to ensure that it doesn't restrict air flow, and like a real vine on a building, shades and protects the unit from the sun