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To show our appreciation, ACRepair 24-7 520-431-3647 is same day hot water heater repair for customer appreciation for a limited time Thursday's are $25-$50  off on Bradford White or AO Smith 40 gallon & 50 gallon hot water heaters with installation 40 gal. AO Smith water heaters + tax and parts (if required), 4 year warranty

Our customers are very important to us with out you We wouldn't be here today Serving you in Maricopa and Casa Grande.  We chose last Friday of the month to have this discount day right before the weekend, because that seems to be when water heater break down the most.  Once the weekend is here its almost impossible to get someone to come out. If you need a  water heater repair in Maricopa or replace a water heater.  ACRepair 24-7 knows the importance of hind sight and to be proactive in this kind of situation.

The cost of water heater prices, have increased over time. Due to Government regulations and public demand for more energy efficient storage tanks. Today's water heaters aren't like your parents old inefficient energy waste. This discount is on selected models  and we pass on the savings to you.  The selected water heater models  have a 6 year warranty which includes installation of water heater only. this offer is a limited time ACRepair 24-7 lowered water heater prices.

Hot Water Heaters

Without a water heater, washing clothes, dishes, or even ourselves would be remarkably more difficult, so purchasing and maintaining the right hot water tank could mean the difference between a smooth morning routine and a rude awakening. For that reason, ACRepair24-7 exclusively carries AO Smith and Bradford White Water Heaters, an industry leader that offers the best combination of value, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. Of course, if you have another preferred brand, we are happy to order and install whichever hot water tank best matches your family’s needs. Need a water tank repair? No problem! We stock each and every truck with an assortment of replacement parts for all makes and models of hot water tank.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

High-Efficiency Water Heaters: According to the EPA, 25% of your gas bill could be created by your water heater. Reduce your monthly costs and put money back in your pocket by upgrading to a high-efficiency unit from Four Seasons.
6 or 10 Year Warranty: Depending on the model selected, your water heater will come with a standard 4 or 10 year warranty which covers the tank itself and all additional parts.
Guardian System™ and Sensor: The Guardian System protects your home from water heater malfunction. Should the sensor detect an accumulation of flammable vapor, the system will immediately shut off your hot water tank thereby neutralizing any potential risks.
Same Day Water Heater Replacement: Never take another cold shower! Replace your problematic water heater this very day with fast, affordable service from Four Seasons.
24 Hour Emergency Repair Service: Day or night, we’re ready to put our experience to work with no extra charge for nights, weekends, or holidays.
Seasonal Maintenance Checks: The best way to prevent a breakdown is with annual maintenance from a trained, certified professional. Contact us today and ensure a breakdown-free year.

Get Yourself in Hot Water

Hot water is too important to do without. Luckily ACRepair24-7 makes replacement or service as convenient as possible. Contact us day or night for 24 hour emergency repair with no extra charge for nights weekends or holidays. Should you desire or require a new unit, we stock them in-house, so take advantage of our same-day installation all year-round. Endless hot water is just a call or click away! 520-431-3647

Water Heater Prices